The Host

Everything I’ve ever done had something to do with creativity – even the way I decided to come into this world. I was born on 1st of January, a couple of hours after the midnight fireworks announced the beginning of a new year. It was a heavy winter, I was told, and, along with the new year, this was also the beginning of a new story to be written: mine.


I got hooked on reading and writing the moment I learned the alphabet, which happened when I was 5. Years later, I graduated from Faculty of Letters at the University of Bucharest, with a double specialization in Philology and Social Communication/Public Relations and became a copywriter. My professional background is in television and media communication, having worked for two of the most prestigious media groups in Romania (PRO TV and Mediafax Group), as part of the Creative Team in the Marketing Department. From television content like the highly-acclaimed tv shows Masterchef Romania, The Voice or Got Talent to online publications, radio or film marketing, I generated concepts, headlines and messages for brand campaigns that would reach the hearts and homes of millions of people.


I’ve always loved my job as a creative in the entertainment industry. So back in 2010, when I started my own editorial project,, I had no idea gastronomy, which I was only a passion, would become such an important part of my life. Initially, Bistro Margot was just a personal food blog, but as my interest in cooking grew, I also discovered food was not just about recipes and ingredients brought together, but also about history, philosophy, art, culture, science, and ultimately, about creativity. The more I read about it, the more fascinated I became. Over the years, I managed to put together a quite consistent food library, which I’m still proud of. And the blog evolved into a more sophisticated food culture & fine living website, in which culinary art was just a starting point for an interdisciplinary ‘dialogue’ with other arts, notably the art de vivre. In 2016, I completed a kitchen & cookery training at THR Group in Bucharest, leading to a professional cook qualification certificate. But my biggest taste adventure was in 2017, when I found out about an amazing program of the famous Le Cordon Bleu Paris, offering a multidisciplinary perspective on gastronomy, studied under its many aspects: historical, scientific, cultural, economic, sociological etc. Hautes Études du Goût was exactly what I wanted. Only 25 participants were selected each year, and to my surprise, I became the first Romanian to attend the program. The courses, taking place in Paris and in Champagne region, were an absolute feast of knowledge, from which I’m still drawing inspiration to this day. In October 2018, during the graduation ceremony in Reims, I received the DUGGAT (Diplome Unversitaire du Goût, de la Gastronomie et des Arts de la Table), with the mention ‘très bien’, and my research paper, conceived as a gastronomic journey from Paris to Little Paris, ranked among the best works of my promotion.


After more than 13 years of communication in the creative field and 11 years of food writing, cooking, experimenting and learning about gastronomy, my two biggest passions started to merge naturally and unintentionally. Today, I get to combine them both at Repertoire, my multidisciplinary creative studio in Bucharest. My work includes brand architecture, creative concepts, advertising campaigns, copywriting, food writing, content creation, recipe development, food styling and food photography, brand endorsement and specific events. That means you’ll most often find me in front of my Mac writing something, in the kitchen cooking up something or camera in my hand, capturing the result. Sometimes, all of the above.


When Covid-19 is not around, I like to travel a lot, exploring new places, learning new things, and discovering different cultures. But my biggest joy is to aimlessly wander the streets of Paris, taking pictures, breathing in the city, its poetry, its magic and its beauty beyond words.

Thank you for being here. Enjoy my Repertoire!

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