My experience as an Hautes Etudes du Gout student


It’s been a while since I attended the Hautes Etudes du Gout program, but even now, when writing this, I still feel the thrill of it. And being the first in my country to take part in the HEG only intensified the excitement.

Therefore, I must confess I came to the HEG with high expectations – that’s why I chose to do it, after all. However, to my surprise, even from the beginning, my expectations were exceeded, and as the days went by, I found myself immersed in an incredible universe of discovery and exploration, of knowing more and becoming more. The richness and complexity of the lectures, the overwhelming expertise of the lecturers, their willingness to openly share with us their vast research, their impressive discoveries, their fascinating work, turned every class into a real indulgence. What is more, the invaluable experiences like workshops, visits, demonstrations, and the memorable educational meals only added up to the learning process, turning it into a unique adventure. One filled with great lessons and lifelong memories.

Was it easy?  Of course not. In fact, I believe the most frequent word I heard during the HEG was “intense.” We all wanted to soak up every bit of information – and indeed, we had so much to process over the two weeks. Learnings and topics that sparkled long talks after the classes, meaningful conversations, enriching debates with the colleagues – they all contributed to enhancing the atmosphere and creating the right space for thriving.

Because another significant aspect of the HEG is its multicultural, diverse environment, with like-minded, passionate people having different backgrounds and coming from all over the world. This led not only to great joy but also to beautiful friendships with amazing people, both as persons and as professionals. Having the opportunity to meet each and every one of them, and share this experience together, inspired me so much.

I attended the HEG to learn about gastronomy at the highest level. But in the end, I came back home learning so much more than this: learning about life, people and about myself. And now, as I’m working on my HEG thesis, I recall two words that Mr. Herve This wrote on a book he kindly agreed to sign for me – two words still gravitating in my mind to this day, like a mantra: “Celebrate knowledge!”. HEG will keep feeding your hunger for knowledge months after the program ends because attending HEG is indeed like going to a sumptuous banquet of knowledge.

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